Speaks: English

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I am a proud farm girl. Raised on a small family farm east of Peterborough, I eventually hived off to Queen's University where I studied, of all things, film theory. Upon graduation, I and two fellow students launched our own production company, Atlantis Films. We worked hard and began winning awards for our films, most notably the Academy Award for Boys and Girls. It was a heady time but, as successful as Atlantis (later Alliance Atlantis) became, I missed the country. So, with my husband Tim, headed up to Annan where we bought our own farm, raised two kids and a herd of Black Angus. Called back to Atlantis by my ex-partners, I took 4 years out to help them launch Life Network (now Slice) and Home and Garden Television (HGTV); as VP Programming, I was in charge of all programming for the two fledgling channels. Great fun!

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