Georgian Bluffs

Just a few hours away from major Ontario cities Georgian Bluffs is a collection of communities stretching north from Chatsworth to just south of Wiarton. Georgian Bluffs is your own paradise, hear the roar of the waterfall in the spring as the winter snow melts, feel the cool breeze off Georgian Bay on a hot summer's night, smell the crisp fall winds and taste the cold winter air as snowflakes drift down. The Township of Georgian Bluffs has eight inland lakes and miles of shoreline on Georgian Bay making waterfront properties highly sought after. Many of these lakes have public access and are great for fishing, canoeing or kayaking and many other water activities. Or you can stop at Cedar Hill Park, east of Wiarton on Grey Road 1 and try some scuba diving or snorkelling in Colpoy’s Bay. This is a well known area to local scuba divers. The area is famous for all types of artistic endeavours. Throughout the year you can tour through the “Artists Around the Sound” as they open their studio doors for the public to explore and engage in the artistic culture that surrounds Georgian Bluffs. Many of the artists in the area use natural substances in their works. Feeling the energy of the land that surrounds you. This is a beautiful spot to land and make magic happen.